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Reply To: Emerald gemstone?-JVS Rao, umamaheshwar sir

jvsrao (KP Astrologer)

dear sumit verma,
In your chart Mercury is the lord of 6th & 9th house in the 9th house. Mercury is in the star of Rahu in 3rd signifying 4th,11th, sat in 10th and mars in 8th. Mercury is in the sub of Jup in 1st (lord of 3rd & 12th) and Jup is in Moon star in 8th. Hence Merc gives 8th(tensions) in 10th(higherups,profession),through 11th (friends and acquaintences) in 3rd (sureties, communication etc.,). Mercury is the lord of house of sickness. As Merc lord of 6th in the sub of Jup in lagna, gives you nervous disorders.
Hence as per KP I suggest you it is better not to use any stone, as all the planets are connected to 8th house. Pray GOD, who will take care of all aspects. If you want you can test the stone. This is my opinion.
Your running period is RAHU dasa MERC bhukti upto 03-12-2017. Pls find the changes. This is lengthy.
Good LUck