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Reply To: J V S Rao sir…please help

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jvsrao (KP Astrologer)

dear vikas,
You are under Sade-sati from 17-12-2014 to 17-01-2023. In Natal chart Saturn is signifying 8th house (tensions). Ketu (signifying Jup lord of 9th in 11th) in 8th, Mars (lord of 10th) in 12th and Venus in 4th are in MER star and MER sub, means they are conjoined. All the factors forced you to come out of the job. I hope you worked as a teacher in an educational institution.
I hope you will get a job after 17-07-2017, not in your home town. you will not get your expected salary. After 15-05-2018, you will get more than that you get after 17-07-2017. In your lifetime, pls remember, your desires will be fulfilled late as Sat is aspecting Jup in 11th.
Good Luck