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Reply To: When will I marry?

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Hi sara

Your Vedic chart is very different. You don’t have any malefic planets in your Ascendant or 7th house BUT!

You have three planets in 11th house (Cancer)

7th lord(Marriage) Jupiter which is exalted and
2nd lord(family Happiness) Venus
8th lord(Problems) Malefic Mars which is debilitated combined with both Jupiter(7 and Venus
JUPITER MARS & VENUS were placed in same Nakshtra (STAR).
Retrograde Saturn combined with the Moon and aspects 11 th house

In navamsha(d-9 chart) 7th house has a debilitated Jupiter

Overall, you marriage life and you love life will have problems

From Sep 2017 to Sep 2020 you will be in Rahu-Venus Dasha (period), in b/w this period You will get married

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