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jvsrao (KP Astrologer)

madam Haasini
Your child is intelligent, senstive. Saturn (3rd & 4th) lord and Moon (9th lord) are conjoined in the 9th house, a watery sign. This conjunction gives repeated efforts and postponements, thus makes one to fully disgusted. They can not do anything in time. In studies they can not study in time. In the examination hall, they know the answer, but forget at the moment and after coming out it comes to their mind and feel for that. As the 9th cusp sublord Saturn is signifying 11, she will come out successful in her examinations. If they have interest, they will stand for it until it is finished. Otherwise they postpone upto the last minute.
The coming bhuktis are also good. Higher education is there. Both of you be happy for your child. Don’t force or argue with her. You tell her calmly and she will listen to it. Prayer to Lord Hanuman may give good results.
Good Luck

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