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Reply To: JVS RAO Sir Please guide me

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jvsrao (KP Astrologer)

Dear Bhagwati
I accept your question. Mantra has power. Our ancient rishis have done penance for a long time and enjoyed the result. If You can do it by yourself for 100000 times or more as they did, you do. Simply utterance is not sufficient or engaging a purohit is not useful for mantra to give result. You have to do it in the process as initiated by Guru. If you can do, ask any Guru and take mantra. In the meanwhile as I suggested above, read “AADITYA HRIDAYAM” as many times as you can with concentration on the God. The more concentration, the more early you will get the results.

Regarding stones, if you are able to get original stones, try them. Some people or getting results while some people are not. That is why I won’t suggest any body, as I don’t want any body to be put into loss, if they don’t work.

Please follow the remedies suggested by K.U.M.Rao sir as above, as the aged people have ethics and sincerity for that they are respected by all.

Choice is yours. I wish you to be happy my friend.