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You are born in Gemini Ascendant, Your 5th lord is Venus and Functional Putra karaka is Mars

1. Venus is in Malefic 8th house and Mars is exalted in 8th house along with rahu and kethu is aspecting Venus 83%

2. Rahu Venus combination forms Shukra Chandal Yoga

2. Putra karak Jupiter is in Adhi shatru rasi Mithun/Gemini

5th lord Venus is spoiled and Jupiter is In Mithun Gives no good results… So!!!

Please increase energy of Venus

Wear Diamond to Right hand Middle finger 20+ cents in silver(1 carat = 100 cents)

Goddess Lakshmi Devi controls Venus, so on Fridays do Pasting for Lakshmi Devi and put Milk Kheer with ghee in silver bowl as Naivedhyam (prasad).

Do japa for Venus every day. Go to pundit and ask for shukra mantra for japa. Complete Shukra mantra reciting 20000 times in one week, starting from a Friday. Donate Milk(2 Ltrs) and Rice(2 kg) on same Friday.

Every day recite shukra beeja mantra 108 times

For Jupiter

Wear Yellow sapphire + 4 carats right hand index finger in gold/silver

Recite Jupiter beeja mantra every day.

as said above do japa for Jupiter

Donate Yellow lentil (1.6 kgs) Every Thursday and do pasting.

Go to sai baba(GURU) temple and do 11 Pradakshinas and pray him for child

For Dasa Lord Shani (pacifying)

Don’t Wear Stone for it

Every Satuarday go to Shaneeswar temple and do sesame oil abishekam for lord shani

Donate sesame seeds(2 kgs) on Saturday

Read hanuman chalis everyday

1.Your Husband should wear Moonga 4+ carats, for 5th lord mars
2.Jupiter is retrograde for him and it is putra karak and it is lagna for him. he should wear Yellow sapphire +4 carats to right hand index finger
For Jupiter he should also perform above said Remedies

3.For him from 2019 Shani maha dasa and Saturn is dipositer of 5th lord and Jupiter along with he aspects mars in the 2nd house.
Repeat the remedies for shani as said above (Already, i told 2 stones for you hubby, if he likes to wear rings[some people don’t like Rings to their hand] he can wear Neelamani too +4 carat to right hand middle finger )

You can wear 2 mukhi + Grab Gowri Rudraksha(for begetting children), Yes women can wear reudraksha … it will definitely gives Child for the wearer