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Reply To: I'm frustrated with my Health & Life- advice me

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Jangalapalli Venkata Subbarao

Dear Anuja
Vertigo is not a problem in these days as there is treatment in Homeopathy, Allopathy etc. Vertigo is not at all a mental problem, but a problem in the inner ear which sends signals to brain about head and body movements to help you to keep balance. That is why reeling sensation to you. So don’t worry. You will recover. You have a long life.
If you have faith, discuss with your family about homeopathy, use it along with allopathy. Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu will give relief through homeopathy.
Your dasa lord Rahu is in 5th house (house of recovery) aspected by Saturn from lagna. Hence recovery is not denied, but slowly you will get complete receovery.
Good Luck

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