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Dear Anuja Ji,

Basic Analysis of You Natal Chart shows that, The Lord Moon, planet responsible for Mental Happiness, mind and Sleeping pattern is in 6th house and is also very weak. Moon is in Aries Sign, Kritthika Nakshatra. Mars is quite strong. Venus being the Lord of 12th house of Hospitalization and unnecessary expenses is in Lagna and afflicting lagna. Mercury, representing nerve system is closely combust by Sun and so it is loosing a very good amount of strength. SO, All these issues are coming.
So, You are likely to face lot of Health issues through out your Life.

1. You must perform a Maha Mrityanjay Yaggya through an honest Website.
2. You shall wear a Moonstone of 5 carats to 6.5 carats or an Australian Pearl of 3 carats to 4 carats on Left hand little finger.
3. You shall Perform a Grahashanti Yaggya for Mercury and Grahashanti yaggya for Venus with immediate effect from any honest astrology website.

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