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Reply To: Career health and marriage

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jvsrao (KP Astrologer)

Dear TAS
You need not worry about your marriage. You will be wedded after 17-01-2018 in Sun sub period which is upto 16-03-2018 only, if not in Moon sub period within 20-06-2018. The marriage would be fixed after 26th October 2017 with a boy not among your close relatives and already known to your family.
Not only in studies but also in every aspect what you propose you can not do it in time or the expected result you can not get in time. Even in marriage also one alliance may miss and another alliance may be fruitful. Without tensions you can not finish any thing. In the successive attempts only you get success.
Even though your complexion is black, you are very calm going and disciplined girl, having strong determination in heart.
After 21-07-2019, you will get a government job. The almighty will definitely help you.
Good Luck

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