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I applied time correction and seems like 7.20 am is more accurate. For health, given Rahu is in ascendant in cancer + lagna lord moon is in sixth house, health troubles will remain throughout (Jupiter 6th lord and a functional malefic is also aspecting moon). Recommended to wear pearl/Moonga or do beej mantra of moon & mars (also in case you have temper/ego which could be the case as Sun, Rah and Mars are in 12/1/2 house, please do counselling).

Mars/Sat conjunction in 2nd house and 2nd house lord sun in 12th house shows trouble at home.

From Nadi astrology pov, overall this horoscope is weak for stability and professional life and you are under Sade Sati as well. Mars Mahadasha from 09-08-2018 will be better as Mars is super yogakaraka for cancer ascendant (also mentioned by TMR)

My two cents is that life will be much smooth in foreign/outside India.

May god bless you with success and happiness

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