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Dear Anonymous,

you have a very good horoscope and will be quiet successful in life + will have a decent married life.

To be more precise, your Jupiter Mahadasha will start from 26/01/2019 and you will run Jupiter Antradasha till 15/03/2021. Jupiter being 3rd and 6th lord closely conjunct with Saturn in 7th house is very promising for courage, competition. Around July-Aug 2020, you will be under Sun and Moon pratyantar which promises royal favours/honors.

Simulataenously your Saturn will be in 4th house in transit (start of Sadesati) and will be fruitful as it will aspect 6th house of competition, 10th house of fame and lagna giving you stamina.

Please don’t think about marriage for now and focus on your aim. You can consider getting married during Jupiter-Venus antra starting from Aug 2026 (before that it doesn’t makes sense from maturity pov)


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