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Reply To: Confused – Twins in Vedic Astrology

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K.Umamaheswara Rao

There were famous twins in Tamilnadu 60 years ago.They were
Sri Ramaswamy Mudaliar and sri Lakshmana swamy Mudaliar.
Sri Ramaswamy Mudaliar was a famous gynecologist.
Sri Lakshmana swamy mudaliar was vice chancellor of Madras
Presently ,the famours twins are Venus Williams and
Serena Williams.Both are famoous Tennis players.

IN Ramayana ,the famous twins were Vali and Sugriva.
Lava and Kusa are also twins of Uttara Ramayana.
In Ramayana ,their names are not seen.
In Mahabharat,100 sons of Dhritarashtra,there may
be some twins.When there was miscarriage for Queen
Gandhari,Vyasa took the role of a modern gynecologist
and embryos were saved by keeping them in different

When there is 5 or 10 mins difference in birth times,
the Rasi lagna will be same,but Drekkana chart,
Dasamsa chart and Trimsamsa charts will be different.
Generally astrologers will not take trouble to find
the changes of career and other aspects of those twins.
It takes lot of time.