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Reply To: Regarding marriage Prediction

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Mercury Mahadasha operating since 2004 is weak for marriage as Mercury is deep combust and Mercury is not related to 7th house. Currently you are under Mercury-Jupiter Bhukti from 20/05/2016 till 25/08/2018 and Jupiter is karaka for marriage but is also combust and doesn’t has 2,7,11 in nakshatra or sublord.

Saturn Bhukti starting from 25/08/2018 till 5/5/2021 will be good time for marriage as Saturn is lord of marriage and will be transiting 5th house thereby aspecting 7th house of marriage. Best chances for marriage would be from 25/08/2018 to 28/01/2019, 16/06/2019 to 13/08/2019 and 30/7/2020 to 24/12/2020.

Chanting Om Praam Preem Praom Saha Shanayshchraey Namah after 25/08/2018 will help in reducing malefic effect of Saturn.

Good luck

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