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Reply To: Problems in career since one year

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Currently you are under Mercury Mahadasha and Moon Antradasha. Mercury is very good for career being lagna lord and placed in 4th house with 7,10,11 in nakshtra and sublord (along with 6,8,12 that gives troubles) but Moon is debilitated in 6th house with 6,8,12 in nakshatra and sublord; thereby giving you troubles. Also your 10th lord Jupiter is in 12th house which is not good. Also Saturn Sadesati over delitated moon is at peak.

Mars Antradasha that has started from 2 August 2017 and will run till30/7/2018 looks better for career and once Saturn becomes direct from end August things will be better.

Try to find a job abroad as things would be smooth there.

Wearing an emerald will help tremendously

Take care

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