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Navneet Khanna

Your 7th house of Marriage is ruled by Saturn as Capricorn sign falls in the 7th house. As Saturn the 7th lord is debilitated in Navamsha and also falls in the 6th house in natal chart, which is the house of legal issues it will be important that you match the horoscope before getting married properly. Also your 7th house falls in Papkarti yoga. A Pap karti yoga is formed when any house has malefics on both sides. In your horoscope you have Saturn which is the 8th lord, debilitated in navamsha on one side and Rahu on the other side.
Your horoscope simply indicates that any mismatch in horoscopes can lead to marital issues. You are presently in the main period of Venus and Sun. Love and romance will be on your mind as Venus is the planet for love. Sun gets exalted after 15 April 2014 for next 30 days likely to to be good for you. Mars is your Yogakarka planet therefore you should read Hanuman Chalisa daily and visit temple every Tuesdays.

God Bless,

Navneet Khanna

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