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you are an exceptionally smart person who has been a ranker always if the time is right for horoscope (beautiful combination of distinctive education (4,5,9,11) in most planets). Rahu Mahdasha operated from 1994 till 2011 which is excellent and 12/2/2009 till 26/7/2012 should have been exceptional from studies pov.

Jupiter Mahadasha is again excellent and but foreign settlement seems unlikely as combination of foreign travel is not present across most planets. I believe tough time started around start of this year in Jupiter Mahdasha and Mercury Antradasha that started around March 2017 and will run till March 2019. Mercury is not good for career having 6,7 in nakshatra and sublord.

Ketu Antra starting from 3/7/2019 is dawn of upswing for your career with 10 across planet, nakshatra and sublord. Venus from 8/5/2020 till 7/2/2023 will be better and Sun from 7/2/2023 till 26/11/2023 & Moon from 26/11/2023 to 27/3/2025 will be dazzling.

Keep up the hardwork and by the time your course finishes good time will be there.

Wearing a Pukhraj, Ruby and Red Coral will help. Else you can chant Jupiter Beej Mantra and Mercury Beej Mantra for improving decision making to swim through tough time.

You will do WELL in life
Astrologer Deepak

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