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sorry to hear about your troubles. You have potential to do better financially and career wise if you go abroad (your life will turn for massive betterment) . As your sixth lord Mars is in 12th house of losses and imprisonment, taking loan is fatal for you and will result in massive losses. You should avoid any type of loan and financing.

Astrologically below are trouble makers in your horoscope

* Lagna lord Mars, lord of gains Mercury and lord of spouse Venus in 12th house in Chalit is bad for mental peace, saving money/gains and marriage
* Saturn in 10th house gives success after much hardwork but being 3rd lord shows changes in job will bring betterment
* 9th lord moon in sixth house shows troubles from enemies but being 11th from 9th shows gains from travels.

Exalted Jupiter is aspecting lagna (having 10,11 in sublord), Rahu in 10th house in Chalit with (10,11 in nakshatra and sublord) and Mercury as lord of gains in 12th house (with 10,11 in nakshtra/sublord) are excellent for you.

Currently you are under Rahu Madasha and Venus antardasha from 15/1/2017 till 15/1/2020 and Venus being lord of 12th house can cause imprisonment especially during Sun pratyantar (16/7/2017 till 09/9/ 2017) given Sun has 6,8,12 in nakshatra and sublord.

Remedy: chanting Om Bhraam Bhreem Bhraum Sah Rahave Namah 22000 times in 21 days will help you. Please also try for jobs outside India

Challenging times: Rahu-Sun (15/1/2020 to 9/12/2020), Rahu-Mon (9/12/2020 to 19/6/2020).

Decent time: Rahu-Mars (10/6/2020 to 28/6/2023), Rah-Venus (9/12/2017 to 15/1/2020),

EXCELLENT TIME: Jupiter Mahadasha of 16 years starting from 28/6/2023 will turn your life and give you peace, success and prosperity.

May god bless you!
Astrologer Deepak

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