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You have a good horoscope and there is clear promise of doing well in life especially if you are in field of research or law or business partnership. As you mentioned Rahu dasha was a horror show, it seems like your time of birth is 14:15 as then Rahu becomes really bad with 6,8,12 in nakshatra and sublord that show doom (overpower goodness of 2,11).

Jupiter Mahdasha has come at an excellent time for you as Jupiter is 11th lord of gains and second lord of wealth placed in 9th house in lagna and 8th house in Chalit. More importantly it has 2,7,10,11 showing success in profession and no malefic aspect. Jupiter being a benevolent planet will give more with less hardwork vs Rahu/Saturn.

Best times for you career wise
* Jupiter-Jupiter (25/1/2017 to 15/3/2019)
* Jupiter- Ketu (1/1/2024 to 7/12/2024)
* Jupiter-Venus (7/12/2024 to 8/8/2027)- this period will have troubles as well as Venus has 6,8,12 in nakshtra showing trouble in getting opportunities + Venus is badhakesh for your ascendant
* Jupiter Mars (25/9/2029 to 1/9/2030)

Chanting Jupiter beej mantra (google it out) 21000 times in 21 days will help and also wearing a pukharah will be good.

Good luck and may god bless you!
Astrologer Deepak

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