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Mr Neeraj,

Saturn Mahdasha starting from 25/8/2018 is decent for career as while Saturn has 2,7,10,11 in nakshatra and sublord which is excellent Saturn is retrograde in natal chart and in 8th house in Chalit which weakens it. But still Saturn rewards hardwork and if you grind it out, it will give you corresponding rewards. Also Sun/Jupiter in lagna is Rajyog and gives you great intellect + personality.

As you are also starting Saturn Sadesati, next 7.5 years will give you rewards of previous work and you will be asked to buckle up + might throw challenges at you including depression sometimes.

Marriage was denied because Saturn is neecha in lagna + retrograde, in 8th house in CHalit and Venus karaka of marriage is neecha as well. But Saturn gives better results in old age and below is overview of good periods

* Saturn-Saturn: (25/8/2018-28/8/2021)- decent for career upliftment post hardwork (might bring an offer for remarriage as Saturn’s negative effect go down in old age and Saturn has combination for marriage 2,7,11)
* Saturn-Venus (16/6/2025 to 16/8/2028)- good for career as Venus has 10 in sublord and planet
* Saturn-Sun (16/8/2028 to 29/7/2029)- great time
* Saturn-Mars (27/2/2031 to 7/4/2032)-excellent time

Saturn has combination of depression in nakshatra and planet, so doing jaap of “Om namah Shivaay” daily 1000 times lifelong will help massively.

Good luck