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Reply To: 32 yrs girl – please predict marriage

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Bright chances of getting married in 2018 as

* Rahu/Ketu in transit are moving out of your 1/7 axis in August 2017 and this should ease things for you mentally and from pov of finding a spouse (Ketu in 7th house is not good)
* Saturn is moving to Sagitarrius in Oct 2017 and will aspect 7th house thereby activating your marriage prospects. Also your Sadesaati will end and you can breathe relief

* Guru will transit in 3rd house from Sep 2017 and will aspect 7th house of marriage as 5th lord (Saturn and Jupiter double transit on 7th house is best bet for marriage)

Your Saturn is in close conjunction with Ketu which has delayed your marriage and your Jupiter is complete combust as well thereby reducing its power.

Also Ketu antra in very positive Mercury dasha (2,7,11 combination0 will start from 1/1/2018 and Mercury-Ketu-Venus pratyantar (from 22/1/2018-24/3/2018) can lead to some sort of finalization. Otherwise Mercury-Venus period will starting from 29/12/2018 will definitely get you hitched.

May god bless you!
Astrologer Deepak

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