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Dear Neha

Greetings from Ananda Kumar, Well after analysing your horoscope,
Lagna- Libra
Star – Anuradha (Owned by Saturn)
Rasi – Vrichik
Well you are undergoing Ketu Mahadasa in Rasi Chart which is getting over in 2020,
When I see your career chart Rahu dasa which was running for 18 years got over and Guru Dasa going to start from 2017 Sep 20, Incidentally Rahu was sitting in Rahu star Arudra and Guru also sitting in Rahu Star of Swathi, Hence your Job profile will be of same. I see a long travel from 2018 April in career front.
In earlier incident that you will be travelling lot to foreign countries for Job related. It will be continuing so nothing to worry as it is passing phase you will get good job of your liking in same area where you were working.