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Reply To: When will my daughter get married.

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I agree with Shri K. UMAMAHESWARA RAO Ji’s analysis. Ketu in 7th house, Saturn aspecting 7th lord Budh and cuspal sublord of 7th house Moon debilitated in 12th house shows hinderances and delays in Marriage.

Currently Venus Mahadasha has started from 19/12/2015 and Venus has combination of marriage in it + is placed in 8th house in Chalit. Venus-Venus period is till 19/4/2019 and either Jup Antra (28/8/2017-7/2/2018 as Jupiter has Mercury as sublord) or Mercury Antra (19/8/2018-7/2/2019) will get her married. Jupiter and Saturn double transit on 7th house Gemini will play a key role to activate marriage.

Also given her 7th house has severe affliction, married life would require considerable effort to sustain and stay happy.

May god bless you!