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Dear Guest
Greetings from Ananda Kumar Astrologer who writes in
Well after seeing your Horoscope based on your details:
Lagna-Cancer (owned by Moon)joined with Mars in his own house at 10th hosue
Star-Bharani Owned by Venus
Currently having Rahu Mahadasa from 4/6/2007 having mercury buddhi till year end2017,
Well with regard to career chart you are running Mercury dasa started at 2012 and currently you are having Venus Bukthi.
Mercury is your 12th and 3rd lord in Rasi chart, Rahu in 6th house at Sagittarius which is Neecha position.
Well career chart indicates that Rahu and Mercury taking same positions of Rasi and dasamsa creating Vargotham position.

In Dasamasa chart you have Pisces lagna and Rahu is sitting in 10th lord of 10th house sitting in Gemini house with Ketu in 4th. Once Ketu bukthi was over you are back to home, Venus is sitting in 8th own house of libra,
With present Kochar placements of Rahu which comes to favourable position will give you Job.
Overall Rahu is troubling you in job front also Venus.
For Rahu you can worship Rahu during Rahu kalam and for Venus visiting Mahalakshmi temple on Friday offer sweets to Ladies will give good results which will be immediate.
Venus will join Rahu in Cancer shortly which is in Cancer your Lagna in Rasi also 5th lord for Dasamasa.

Best Wishes
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