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you have a good horoscope but 10th lord Saturn retrograde and placed in 6th house shows instability in career (also cuspal sublord of 10th house is Moon placed in 8th house in Chalit which shows ups/downs as well). Also you have been under Rahu Mahadasha since 2001 and Rahu is placed in 12th house in Chalit denoting un-stability(placed in star of Moon and in sub of Jupiter both of which are in 8th house in Chalit thereby increasing instability).

Currently you are currently under Rahu Mahadasha and Moon Antradasha (9/5/2017 to 8/11/2018) and this period will be decent for you.

From transit pov, things should look better from end October as Rahu would have established itself in your 3rd house, Jupiter would aspect 10th house from 6th house and Saturn would move to your 8th house aspecting 10th house (also start of Sade saati). As Mr. Navneet mentioned, this transit will sort of transformation for you and if you buckle down/learn/do your karma and embrace the changes by the time Saturn reaches your 10th house in 5 years you will be well settled.

Jupiter Mahadasha starts from 26/11/2019 will be better (Jupiter is placed in star of lagna lord Venus placed in 10th house). Jupiter as 11th lord placed in 8th house in its own sign will give you sudden gains (2022-2030 will be excellent time including antra of Saturn, Mer, Ketu, Venus which have great combinations for career in nakshatra and sublord).

Best period of your life will be Saturn Mahadasha from 26/11/2035 that will take you to dizzy heights.

May god bless you,
Astrologer Deepak