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Hi Sabu,

if your time/date is correct, you have a great horoscope with tremendous success potential. Selected great yogas in your horoscope that promise fame, success and properity include

1)Venus-Saturn conjunction in ascendant combining lord of 1,2,5 and 10th house (very powerful rajyoga)
2) Lord of 9th house Mercury in 11th house
3) Rahu in 11th house
4) Lord of 12th house Jupiter in 8th house and lord of 8th house Sun in 12th house (Vipreet Rajayoga’s)
5) Saturn in lagna forming Sasha yoga
6) Cuspal sublord of 10th house Rahu is placed in 11th house of gains (even if you move time by +-20 mins cuspal sublord change but all planets are well placed in Chalit)

You have been under Jupiter Mahadasha from 8/8/2004 and Jupiter is functional malefic (worst planet with Sun) for Capricon ascendant located in 8th house in Chalit.

Currently you are under Jupiter-Mars period from 8/4/2017 to 15/3/2018 and will have Jupiter-Rahu period from 15/3/2018 to 8/8/2020. Given 6,8,12 combination in nakshatra and sublord both these periods will be challenging/tough

Best time of your life starts from 8/8/2020 in form of Saturn Mahadasha and Saturn in star of Mon with venus as sublord will take you to great success/heights (albeit with hardwork).

May god bless you to reach your potential!
Astrologer Deepak