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Dear Seeker
The following are the details as per your birth details.
Lagna-Taurus ( Owned by Venus ) Venus is exalted in 11th with Mars.
Star- Vishak 4th quarter hence your Moon is placed in Scorpio along with Saturn.

Currently you are having Mercury dasa and Mars bukthi till 12th of Aug 17 after that you will have Rahu Bukthi.

When I see your 7th house it is being occupied by saturn and moon in 4* and 0* Degrees. Your Daitri Karaka is Rahu and your Atma Karaka (Soul) is Sun.

You might have got chance to marry but you had refused to marry. There are good chances of getting married during Mercury Rahu phase but your marriage life will not be satisfactory.
Due to Saturn and Moon combination in 7th and Venus is exalted in 11 who is your lagna and 6th lord creates problems in Marriage.
Due to Punarpu Dosh even if you get marry there will be separation, There is Pariakara to be done before marriage.
If you are interested to know further please mail me for paid consultation.
Best Wishes
Ananda Kumar kumar