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Hello Guest,

you have a very good horoscope from career pov and a tremendous Rajyoga in form of Moon/Mars in 10th house!. Rahu Mahadasha is troubling you as Rahu is placed in 6th house in lagna but in 5th house in Chalit which is 12th from 6th house of job/service. Also Venus being lord of gains retrograde becomes weak to give continuous gains.

You were brought back to India 3 years back in antra of Mercury (10/7/2014 to 27/1/2017) which has Venus as sublord (Venus being lord of 4th house denotes motherland). Also Ketu antra from 27/1/2017 to 14/2/2018 has Venus as sublord denoting stay in motherland.

Venus antradasha starting from 14/2/2018-14/2/2021 will open chances of foreign travel as Venus has 3rd and 12th lord Mercury as its sublord. With Rahu moving to your ascendant in Aug 2017, Jupiter moving to your 4th house aspecting 12th house in Sep 2017 and Saturn moving to 6th house in October 2017, doors will open up for foreign as Jupiter/Saturn will aspect 12th house together and Rahu will also push you move away. Also post Venus antradasha, Sun antradasha (14/2/2021 to 9/1/2022) can keep you outside as Sun also has Mercury as its sublord.

Stability/PR may be achieved in Jupiter Mahadasha starting from 28/7/2024 as Jupiter has Saturn as its sublord placed in 12th house in lagna chart and 11th house in Chalit.

Chanting Rahu Beej mantra will help massively and also show the light.

Take care!
Astrologer Deepak