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You have a solid horoscope. Ninth lord Moon in 4th house shows a clean heart and Sun in 10th house in own rashi is digbali promises rise post alot of efforts. Ninth lord Mercury in 11th house is excellent as well. Mars as lagna lord is retrograde reducing courage and determination while retrograde Saturn is placed in second house being 12th from its 3rd house reducing courage (it will give money post alot of effort).

As Mr. Anand mentioned, Jupiter Mahadasha since 2003 is quiet below average as Jupiter is placed in 6th house in Chalit in nakshatra of retrograde Mars. Jupiter-Rahu period started from 8/6/2017 to 2/11/2019 is quiet average but will keep things steady.

From 2/11/2019 excellent time starts in form of Saturn Mahadasha where Saturn is retrograde but placed in star of Ketu in 10th house with Venus as sublord. 6,11 in Saturn will give victory over enemies, money and name after hardwork.

Cuspal sublord of 10th house is Mecury placed in 11th house in lagna and 9th house in Chalit promises rise in life.

Doing Hanuman Chalisa will help tremendously

May God bless you!
Astrologer Deepak