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I suggest taking logical approach in astrology vs blind rules. Do you think planets moving in their orbits in space become powerless at one area and powerful at another area (area denotes rashi)? Neecha planets can give rajyogas and exalted planets have caused havocs as well. Doing some googling to build a base will help you understand this more.

Wrt your query, Jupiter as 9th lord is placed in 7th house (trine lord in quadrant is considered good),is in nakshatra of 10th lord Mars placed in 10th house that is yogakaraka for cancer ascendant and has Saturn as sublord placed in 11th house in Chalit. Regarding capricon debilitation, Jupiter in capricon becomes much more action oriented given its Saturn’s sign.

Focus on present and do your action vs overanalyzing horoscopes and future.