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Navneet Khanna

Dear Priyanka Greetings from Ananda Kumar, Further analyzing your charts.
You are born in Vishak Star and he is Magam Star
Your Rasi is Libra His Rasi is Leo
You both score 8 points out of 10, Having excellent match.

Somebody had confused about NADI Dosh it is not there at all absolutely even if it is there it not going to affect your marriage.

Sinha is having good mother and father support and he is influenced by fixed sign and earthy and fire. He is having fire sign influence denotes that he will be working in govt agencies in future.
Priyanka is having 7th lord exalted in 11th with Mars gives Neechabang Raj Yog
as it is happening in 11th sign hence your In-laws from your husband side will give good support.

You both have good match.
All the best
Ananda Kumar