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Reply To: please advice on business growth


Navneet Khanna

Your time of birth is around change of rashi, so +-15 mins can change the picture completely.

Assuming time is correct, your 10th lord Sun is in 12th house with 11th lord Mercury. 10th & 11th lord in 12th house is generally not good and shows troubles/struggles/lack of stability unless native goes abroad where it becomes much more positive.

Placement of 2nd, 5th and 7th house lords in 11th house shows gains from doing your own business. Also 3rd house lord Saturn in 11th house shows success from own efforts/enterprising initiatives. Speculation/banking/stock markets will suit you well given Jupiter/Venus are quiet strong

You are under Jupiter Mahadasha and coming 3 periods i.e. Jup-Moon(27/2/2018-29/6/2019), Jup-Mar(29/6/2019-4/6/2020) and Jup-Rah (4/6/2020 to 28/10/2022) will go much better for you. Venus as sublord for all Moon/Mar/Rah shows you can start your own work

You are starting your Saturn Sade Saati from Oct 2017, so Saturn will force you to change and take more enterprising approach. If you do so, by the time Saturn Mahadasha comes you would be ready to expand your business while reaping more rewards.

Good Luck
Astrologer Deepak