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you have a very good horoscope. Per my analysis, currently you are under Mahadasha of Mercury and Antradasha of Moon from (9/3/2017 to 8/8/2018). Both Mercury or Moon are don’t have any connection with 7th house in star or sublord thereby not being strong for marriage (Mercury does aspects 7th house but Moon is placed in 12th from house of marriage).

Mercury-Mars period from 8/8/2018 to 6/8/2019 will open doors of marriage for you as Mars is placed in star of Sun (which is 7th lord) and Ket (placed in 8th house) thereby creating strong chances for marriage.

Saturn as lagna lord is placed in 10th house aspecting 7th house of marriage and thereby its good to marry after 30 years of age so person knows better what he wants in a relationship/life partner.

God Bless,
Astrologer Deepak