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Reply To: marriage, foreign job or government service


Navneet Khanna


thanks for sharing your horoscope. Its a very peculiar horoscope although I wouldn’t use any words such as cursed or bad. 12th house is not always bad and when strong/well placed can give tremendous success in spiritual or foreign lands (but will dissolve ego as well)

Per my experience, couple of things in your horoscope that are causing trouble

* 12th house is prominent because 6 planets are there but problem is that 12th lord Sun is strong and has caused combustion of friendly planets of your ascendant in horoscope such as Venus, Saturn and somewhat Mercury (its 7 degree away so less combust) reducing their ability to give good results. Jupiter fortunately is not combust and hence it kept giving you proposals for marriage but you denied them as you mentioned. Your proposals don’t work as Saturn is very weak and placed in 12th house
* You are under Mahadasha of Saturn since 21/3/2003 until 21/3/2022. Saturn is extremely weak as its combust and has Venus as nakshatra lord with Saturn as sublord.
* Sun and moon are both ecliped by Rahu and Ketu as well showing troubles
* Most planets have combination of marriage within them and anti-combination as well

Chances of marriage
* Best chances are in Saturn-Jupiter Antra from 8/9/2019 to 21/3/2022 as Jupiter is 7th lord and is fortunately not affected by Rahu/Ket/Sun. Chances are that it will be love marriage as most planets have combinations of secret love and it doesn’t shows any break

* Career: best is to continue doing teaching work as its doing your own business and will work much better (or you can do research work as well). Jupiter being good in your horoscope will keep teaching working well for you. 3rd lord Mars in 10th houses aspecting lagna gives your courage.

Mercury mahadasha from 21/3/2022 will go much better as Mercury is lagna lord and 10th lord in star of Ketu and has Mercury as sublord.

Chances of foreign settlement are low.

May god bless you
Astrologer Deepak