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Reply To: I want to know about my marriage time

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If time/date is correct, you have severe affliction to 7th house which is causing delay.

* Saturn sitting in 7th house (retrograde) is delaying your marriage. Also currently Saturn return over its natal position in 7th house in transit is not helping as well
* 5th Mercury in 12th house closely afflicted by Rahu is not good for love affairs/desire fulfillment
* Lagna lord Venus, Marriage karaka Jupiter and 7th lord Mars are have Saturn as sublord showing delay in marriage
* 7th house in papakartari yoga is getting weak

You are under Venus-Jupiter Mahadasha from 2/5/2016 till 1/1/2019. Starting of Venu-Sat period from 1/1/2019 might throw one or two chances (especially of love affair th) but stronger chances of marriage exist in Ven-Mer period from 2/3/2022 to 31/12/2024 as Mercury has Moon as sublord which shows desire fulfillment given Moon in placed in 11th house.

Seems like in Venus-Rahu period from 2/5/2013 to 2/5/2016 an intense love affair had happened and a good chance of marriage was missed.

May god bless you,

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