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Navneet Khanna


assuming your horoscope time/date is spot on (not even +/-5 mins delta), your horoscope has some great points as mentioned by Mr. Anand Kumar as well

* Exchange of house between Mars as lagna lord and Sun as 10th lord is rajyoga
* Mercury and Jupiter closely conjunct in scorpio gives you penetrative intellectual abilities in mathematical subjects
* Sun in ascendant gives administrative abilities and a BIG EGO (especially as Mars as aspecting lagna + Sun/Mer/Jupiter)
* 9th lord Moon in 11th house is great/excellent
* Saturn aspecting 10th house, Mars and ascendant gives tremendous ability to channel your energies
* Mars/Saturn aspecting 10th house and each other shows higher chances of IPS

for selection into IAS/IPS, you need to have an excellent dasha/bhukti to clear exam (especially win in competition) + Sun/Moon supporting in dasha/bhukti.

Rahu mahadasha lasts till 2024 and I agree with Mr Anand Kumar/Navneet that clearing competition sounds tough and govt job chances are high. Still if you ask us the best time, I think Rah-Moon period (18/9/2021-20/3/2023) will be excellent time and save a bullet to try during that period if you don’t succeed before (Moon is placed in its own star

We don’t mean to discourage anyone and synthesis of our recommendation is that move heavens/earth from effort/preparation pov as it won;t be an easy ride (Civil services prep is anyhow never easy)

God bless you,