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Reply To: Astro Anand Kumar sir…please help me

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Navneet Khanna

Hello Greetings from Astrologymag, Further to your question you are born in Pisces lagna and Revathy star both Lagna and Rasi is Pisces.
Currently Running Venus Dasa and Saturn Bukthi till 2018 Middle, After that Mercury period will start.
Mercury and Venus are in 2nd house having Aswini Star holding resulting Ketu influence in family and spouse area.
Sun is exalted in 2nd who is your 6th lord gives good contacts and your father would have improved his status after your birth.
Coming to your questions there is possibility of having marriage next year when Venus and Mercury joins as phase.
Guru aspects from his own house to 2nd having mercury, venus and sun gives good family name.
Your 4th and 7th lord mercury is in retrograde hence offering Thulasi Mala and Sweets to Lord Vishnu will do good for marriage.
All the best
Ananda Kumar Sharma