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sorry to hear your troubles. As 5th lord and 10th lord Mars is in 3rd and there is exchange between 7th lord Saturn and 3rd lord Mercury, you ended up in IT. Given Mars and Saturn both are retrograde you have faced hurdles in the field (Mars has Rahu as sublord which is in 12th house and Saturn has Saturn as sublord making it weak). 2nd lord Sun in 8th gives struggles wrt to saving money.

You are under Jupiter Mahadasha since 2007 and Jupiter placed in star of Rahu with Venus as sublord kept you afloat. Jupiter Sun period from1/4/2018 to 18/1/2019 is even worse.

Jup-Moon from 18/1/2019 to 19/5/2020 will be better as Moon is your lagna lord and is placed in star of moon + sub of Venus. Indeed doing your own business will help as Mars/Saturn in 3rd gives enterprising abilities. You have started Sadesaati. CHallenging time is foreseen till 2023 and your Saturn Mahadasha will start then which will expand your business.

Emerald and gomed are not good for you. You can wear pearl for mental peace but except hardwork nothing will work.

Think about leveraging your IT experience to start offer consulting or other services as contractor. Throwing your experience away wont help and jumping into new field is not easy without training/education.

Astrologer Deepak

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