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thanks for sharing your details. Such questions are best seen by prashna/horary as its a specific business venture but some thoughts (your time of birth shud be spot on as +-5 mins changes the outcome alot)

* You are under Rahu Mahadasha from 12/7/2009 and Rahu is placed in star of Moon with Saturn as sublord. Though Rahu in 12th house gives sudden troubles but it has good combination for career overall post hardwork

* Since early this year, you started antradasha of MErcury running till 11/1/2020 (karaka of business) which is your lagna lord, placed with Sun in 9th house. So it took you to business/venture with government. Since Mercury is combust via Sun, it becomes weak to give full results

* Sun placed in 9th house, Moon placed in 11th house and powerful Jupiter in center will give you success in govt related fields.

Time seems bright till 2027 except Rah-Ven period from 28/1/2021 to 29/1/2024 as Venus is badly placed with not so good combinations.

Transit of Jupiter in Libra in Sep 2017 and Saturn to Saggitarius in Oct 2017 should bring relief to you and push things forward.

Strengthening Mercury will bring peace and courage to take right decisions

God Bless,
Astrologer Deepak

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