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you have a good horoscope with few good yogas for rise in life

* 4th Sun and 5th lord Mercury conjunct in 4th house
* Lagna lord Venus, 9th & 10th lord Saturn and 8th & 11th lord Jupiter in 5th house of creativity/consulting/speculation in finace/business (all in close conjunction)
* Saturn is most powerful planet for you as its not only owner of 10th and 11th house but its sublord for 5 other planets thereby controlling the horoscope

You get easily disturbed as well given your Moon is hemmed between Rahu and Mars. Office politics is everywhere and will remain so as source of politics is people. There is no job or business widout dealing with people (so even in business you will encounter so)

From 31/8/2015 until 31/8/2022 you are under Ketu Mahadasha placed in 8th house in Chalit and Ketu is placed in star of Sun and has Venus as sublord. This is average period and things should get better from 31/7/2018 (Ket-Rah) and will show an upwards swing slowly (hence you can start your own business post doing due diligence on market and customer needs).Right now as Saturn will transit 8th house from Sep 2017, troubles/loss of Job is seen.

Foundations that you will lay over next few years will help expansion of business from 2022 as Venus mahadasha of 20 years (Venus is placed in star of Saturn and with 10th lord Saturn + 11th lord Jupiter)

God bless,
Astrologer Deepak

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