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K.Umamaheswara Rao
K.Umamaheswaara rao

1.In your horoscope,Sani and kuja are seeing each other.
It is not good.
2.You dont have much Guru Bala,as Guru is neecha.
Weak Guru is being seen kuja and Budha.
Not so good.
Dont wait for planetary help.
You have to put in double effort and reduce the
requirements of bridegroom.
Simultaneously,follow some spiritual practices to
reduce negative effect of planets.
1.Observe fasting for one day in a week.You can eat
uncooked vegetables on that day.Do like that for
2.Feed birds and animals.
3.Daily do ten anga pradakshinams daily.
If you dont know what that means,ask any
priest in any temple.
4.Stand in a cow position for one or two minutes,
chant some mantra .Take rest for 4mins.
AGain stand in cow posture and again stand mantra
you like for two mins..
YOu can repeat like that for 3 or 4times,with intermittent
rest period.

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