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According to my scientific evaluation of your horoscope when you put in efforts worth ₹63.77, your returns will be of worth ₹51.89 and you have too much of wasteful expenditures of ₹58 (higher than what you earn) which is why you are not successful in your career. You will have to take strenuous efforts to control these to break even. Forewarned is forearmed. Is it not? I hope this answers your question. Do read my blog

You do not have a Kalasarpa yoga(all planets in Rahu/Kethu axis) because Sun is out of the loop and you do not have to worry about it.

Have a look at the strength and nature of your planets.

Planet Net Strength Nature

Sun 9.54 Malefic
Moon 57.30 Malefic
Mars 83.22 Benefic
Mercury 53.82 Benefic
Jupiter 25.35 Benefic
Venus 41.03 Malefic
Saturn 27.79 Benefic
Rahu 60.17 Benefic
Kethu 64.31 Benefic

Net 49.02 Benefic

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