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You will have frequent long distance travels in the course of your employment. Your success factor in life is 40% and you will therefore be in some sort of travelling type of job in which field you will be reasonably good though you may get fed up with such jobs soon. You will get a return of 45%. Read my blog to have a good insight into scientific evaluation of a horoscope.
Have a look at the strength and nature of your planets.
Planet Net Strength Nature

Sun 21.29 Malefic
Moon 98.21 Benefic
Mars 34.02 Malefic
Mercury 66.76 Benefic
Jupiter 11.69 Malefic
Venus 86.60 Malefic
Saturn 8.30 Benefic
Rahu 48.54 Malefic
Kethu 42.98 Malefic

Net 46.46 Malefic

Perhaps you could be a deck engineer in Merchant navy ships.

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