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Reply To: Will I ever get married

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your 7th house is afflicted by 2 separative planets i.e. Sun and Saturn. As mentioned above, Saturn in 7th delays marriage till 32 years and especially for you as you were running Saturn Mahadasha from 1/4/1999 for 19 years (currently you are under Sat-JUp period which doesn;t shows marriage). Saturn is placed in nakshatra of Mercury and has Jupiter as sublord with no combination for marriage. Also your 7th house lord Mars is placed in 6th house and karaka of husband Jupiter is retrograde in 12th house

Anyhow you start very good Mercury mahadasha from 1/4/2018 and MErcury is placed in nakshatra of Rahu (placed in 11th house of gains) and has Venus as sublord (placed in 7th house). So marriage will be on the cards for sure.

Seems like your mood oscillate btw being highly emotional and being aggressive/angry. Controlling such tendencies will surely help as well to make right decisions

God Bless,
Astrologer Deepak

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