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Dear Sheetal,

regret the delay in response. Your 7th house lord Mars is placed in 12th house and is closely conjunct Saturn thereby causing the delay. Jupiter though in lagna is retrograde and weak for marriage while Moon in 7th house makes you long for marriage/partnership.

You are currently under Moon Mahadasha from 15/10/2010 and Moon is weak for marriage and hence needs a stronger period to get you hitched. Seems like there were love affairs between 15/9/2013-15/1/2015 and 15/1/2015-15/8/2016.

GREAT chances of marriage exist from Moon-Ket period from 15/1/2018-16/8/2018 as Ketu is in nakshatra of Mars (7th house lord) and has Sun as sublord (lord of 11th house of gains). Also Jupiter transit over ascendant and Saturn transit in 3rd house will activate marriage for you.

Mars period of 7 years from 15/10/2020 will be decent for conjugal bliss.

God bless
Astrologer Deepak

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