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You didn’t mention time of birth, so using numerology for high level ovverview. Per numerology, you oscillate between being very emotional who needs constant +ve re-inforcement to extremely aggressive person who can explode at any time. Seems like you are a decently educated given prominent number 1 and 9 (but also fussy for details).

Time till 2021 is not very favorable. From financial pov 2018 will be better as mercury will be lord of that year and 2019 will be again not so good.

For more accurate analysis provide your time of birth and seek a detailed consultation from an astrologer who lives close to you.

REMEMBER: no remedy can change luck or situation (else all astrologers would have improved their luck). Self improvement, hardwork and discipline are the only ingredients for success

God Bless you with courage and wisdom,
Astrologer Deepak

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