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Reply To: Gapless job career ,help deepakji




i hope your obesity and schrizophrenia problem is better + you are seeking right treatment for it as health is much more important.

IN CHALIT- 8th lord Moon in 10th house doesn’t lets you settle in a job. While Sun is yogakaraka for your lagna, its causing havoc as 10th lord Mercury in 9th house completely combust by Sun is not good for profession either and 5th lord Mars combust also decreases diplomacy. Jupiter retrograde in 4th house is not good for health.

My advice would be to do teaching or research and aim for professorship as that would give you more control and autonomy. Time is ripe for a PhD till 2020.

You start Jupiter Mahadasha from 24/12/2020 and it would be average as Jupiter is placed in nakshatra of Ketu with Rahu as sublord. As Jupiter is karaka for teachers as well, obtaining professorship will be easier.

God bless,
Astrologer Deepak