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seems like your birth time is 4.52pm instead of 5.02pm. You started Jupiter Mahadasha from 16/10/2011 and Jupiter is excellently placed in 10th house in nakshatra of 2nd lord Sun and has Moon as sublord placed in 11th house (Jupiter having mool-trikon sign in 6th house will give hurdles as well). Seems like problems started to creep-up from Jup-Sat period from 4/12/2013 and will continue till end of Jup-Mer period till 22/9/2018 (Sat and Mercury both have combinations for job or business loss).

You will get temporary relief as Jupiter moves to your 4th house in Sep 2017 and in October when Saturn moves to your 6th house. As Akash mentioned, do the remedy.

Be patient and Jup-Ket period from 22/9/2018 will herald a new period of success till 16/10/2027.


God Bless,
Astrologer Deepak

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