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you have a solid horoscope (professional pov) and have started excellent Jupiter Mahadasha since 3/10/2016. Jupiter is exalted in 4th house but is placed in nakshatra of Saturn with Rahu as sublord showing 10,11 combination for professionals success. 5th lord Sun, 4th lord Moon and 6th lord Mercury are in 6th house of job showing connection with government. Saturn is your most powerful planet as beyond lord of 10th and 11th house, alot of planets have Saturn as nakshatra lord or sublord.

Currently you are under Jupiter-Jupiter Antra till 21/11/2018 and things should look up once Jupiter moves to 7th house in Sep 2017 and Saturn moves to 9th house from Oct 2017.

Given Jupiter being karaka of teaching (also current mahadasha lord till 2032) and Saturn 10th house being placed in 9th house, teaching/business /administration (corporate law) will be fruitful. You can also appear for civil services if you are inclined.

YOU WILL DO WELL and keep doing your effort!

Chanting Jupiter beej mantra will help massively (google for mantra and # of times to do).

God Bless,
Astrologer Deepak