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On a scientific evaluation of your horoscope, I do not think you have a powerful horoscope. Have a look at the figures below.

Planet Net Strength Nature

Sun 84.79 Malefic
Moon 24.88 Malefic
Mars 22.94 Malefic
Mercury 9.66 Benefic
Jupiter 33.72 Benefic
Venus 26.85 Malefic
Saturn 52.53 Benefic
Rahu 47.44 Benefic
Kethu 42.31 Malefic

Net 40.01 Malefic

The horoscope is more inclined towards a malefic one. However you will have a just average career with a corresponding return. There could be health problems with the upper part of your body (above the waist). You will be well inclined to spirituality in life.

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