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Reply To: As per my Kundali I have rahu mahadasha.

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Your horoscope has a reasonable strength of about 56% and only your 2nd house and 10th house are a bit weak which is primarily due to malefic influences of Moon who is highly malefic in your charts. Do not blame Rahu or any other planet for that. You mind is a wavering one and you could easily get changing moods often due to possibly being born on a New Moon day.

(1) Visits to religious places of worship or recite Narayanakavacha daily.
(2) Store the natural water of rain or the river in a container and keep it within your house for 15 years. It will wash off the evil effects generated by the Moon in the 10th house.
(3) Never take milk during night.
(4) Abstain from wine, meat and adultery.

Try it out for six months and if there are positive indication, continue with it.

Best of luck.

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